Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weather Resonance Loops

White sound sprays, pulsing in a rhythmic meditation, Trium Circulorum's Weather Resonance Loops is true ambience. This is music that is as easy to forget in the background as it is to focus on.

Unlike some things that I've heard that attempt rhythms in an ambient setting, the percussion is nested far into the mix, becoming part of the wash. It fits. The artist is able to pull these elements together into a cohesive soundscape.

The experiment had begun as field recordings of a thunderstorm. Then a fun time was had into an old tape deck, then back into the DAW, adding samples from modular synth--just the type of fun I love to hear. Put it on and let it wash through your house.

You can find Trium Cirulorum on Twitter as @TriumCirculorum. Check his other release featured here Seven Seals (and one Spell).