Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I was happy to hear about he collaboration between sonic artists Roofhare (Kees de Groot) and Sarah Schonert. The collaboration became a pair of concurrently released EP's; Sarahdipity is Roofhare's contribution, while The Kees Files is Sarah Schonert's.

As outlined in the detailed and extensive liner notes, the two created sound sets for each other, and this is the result.

It's a fine result on both albums. Roofhare creates a mystery and and a slight tension, but we delve ever further into the dream.

The trading of ideas goes a bit beyond mere electronics as well, as these two artists are already eclectic to begin with. The sound environment is detailed and interesting. Very big sounds are used, and they create big worlds. This is a lot of fun.

You can find Roofhare on Twitter as @Groovehare and on Soundcloud.