Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reviews of 2015

It's been a great year, only slightly marred by technical difficulties. We've heard some new music from some really great people this year. I'd like to thank all of the artists who were featured for making the music, and then allowing it to be posted here.

And thank you to our burgeoning reader base as well! This has been a banner year, and your sharing and retweeting on Twitter have increased our readership tenfold. I can't adequately express my gratitude.

So here it is, the final index of 2015, our Reviews of 2015 list:

15/01/04 Shikantaza by Herr Absurd

15/01/18 Back to the Past by Odd Common

15/01/25 Angels in Black and White by Isotherme

15/02/01 Mechanisms by Chrissie Caulfield

15/02/08 Four Corners by Hilliat Fields

15/02/15 Nail by Isotherme

15/02/22 Amygdala by MicrotuneX

15/03/01 Oscillator Theory by Rainer Straschill

15/03/08 Inveniam Viam #RPM 2015 by Stuart Russell

15/03/15 Urban Fairy Tales by Nystada

15/03/22 Infamy #RPM2015 by Chrissie Caulfield

15/03/29 Robot by Elektronische Existenz

15/04/05 Slow Motion by Meter Bridge

15/04/12 Thesis by MicrotuneX

15/04/19 Middle Distance by Bare Island

15/04/26 7-5-7 by Roofhare

15/05/03 Strangers by MicrotuneX

15/09/22 Intoxication by Elektronische Existenz

15/09/29 Places & Traces by Chrissie Caulfield

15/10/06 Die Stadt Unter der Stadt by Kanal Drei

15/10/13 Destroyed by Business by Wet Dentist

15/10/20 Train à Grande Vitesse by Stuart Russell

15/10/27 Glimmer & Glow by Hilliat Fields

15/11/10 Available Light by Iceman Bob

15/11/17 Glyphs by Avvenir

15/11/24 Seven Seals (And One Spell) by Trium Circulorum

15/11/24 Progressive Thanksgiving by Various

15/12/01 The Strange New World Is Now by Red Clouds

15/12/08 Utopia by Ian Haygreen

15/12/14 No Room? 2015 by Various

15/12/15 Breath by Liquid in Plastic

1512/22  Sarahdipity by Roofhare

15/12/22 The Kees Files by Sarah Schonert

For last year's list, see: Reviews of 2014