Monday, December 14, 2015

No Room? 2015

It's always fun this time of year to see lots of new releases and compilations for the season from many artists. I was glad to find that the proposed "No Room? 2015" compilation was released, and had a lot of fun listening to some very diverse works from the Sound Collective.

This is, of course a charity effort. From the Bandcamp page, the liner notes only read: "This album (is) the second fundraiser from sound artists to benefit the homeless at Christmas- funds raised donated to Crisis UK." Awesome art is provided by Martin Tanton.

Some scatterfilter blog regulars are included, Chrissie Caulfield, Stuart Russell, Wolfgang Merx, and Roger Palmeri. As well, some exciting artists that I've been following, but haven't reviewed are included as well, such as Lauren Redhead. Also: a surprise piano piece from Adam Greenhead (Coloured Lines).

A great listen, and a good bargain to boot. Enjoy the sound design.