Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Train à Grande Vitesse

Stuart Russell's new album Train à Grande Vitesse continues his exploration into improvisation with analog synths arranged via sequencer. 

Inspired by a trip via high speed train to Toulouse, the music reflects the rhythm of the rails. Images of stations whirring past, with open country between, evoking in climate controlled comfort.

The machines pulse through sequences adorned by simple improvisation for a human touch. Interactions between sequences change and provide variation. The sequences shimmer and pulse, evoking the clicking rails, sonic peals like signal lights streaming by. A plaintive squeal of steel on steel. It's easy to close your eyes and experience the journey.

This is also excellent music to do math by, or perhaps even write a blog post. 

You can follow Stuart on Twitter as @stuart_comp and on Soundcloud. Check his blog at stuart-russell.co.uk and you can read prior #scatterfilter reviews here, here, and here.