Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Glimmer & Glow

Evoking eighties power pop, big drums, and big reverb, The Glimmer EP by Hilliat Fields continues this eclectic artist's exploration of pop. The lyrics are poignant and well delivered. There are brilliant moments of the song sometimes nearly spinning off and out of control, brought back just in time as in "She Didn't Love You." The EP ends with "You're all Going to Die," a hopeless refrain, reminding us all that we are ephemeral.

Released concurrently with Glimmer, Glow is an instrumental excursion. Big cinematic environments recall the sound design of Glimmer. Both have a shimmering, and sometimes pulsing quality, which really comes to the forefront in Glow. In the past, one might release the two as a single album, one side of pop, the other of an instrumental and cinematic nature. But far from a side-B attempt, these pieces are subtle and interesting, as I would expect from the composer of Four Corners, reviewed earlier this year.

You can find Hilliat Fields on twitter as @hilliatfields and on Soundcloud