Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Die Stadt Unter Der Stadt

The hum under the city resonates in the empty space, a server farm idling along apace. The memory of the servers, like the city above, fill slowly with the chaos of our lives. Impressions of smoothly running machines. Ghostly voices resonate, becoming percussion as they echo away in the cavernous cyber space. Dark and foreboding, relentlessly building, forming new patterns. These are the impressions offered by Die Stadt Unter Der Stadt by Kanal Drei.

These are very clean and rich soundscapes, pulsing along with a techo flair. Kanal Drei and company have produced a nice package as well, with a black CD and Tin available with download. The engineering is slick and clean, a tribute to 3dtorus's fine mastering.

You can find Kanal Drei on Twitter as @KanalDrei, and on Soundcloud.