Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Places & Traces

Urban subterranean environments come alive with daily activity. A plaintive violin peals through the tunnels, a pulsing synth marches along in it's own industry. The opening piece of Chrissie's Places and Traces, Cavern, takes us on a ride to the station.

It's the beginning of a journey through field and studio recordings, combining a musique concrete approach with electronic synthesis and sound processing. The sound design is exceptional, as is the pristine engineering. There's lots of new sounds here for the seeker of ear candy.

As with much of her work, it would make wonderful incidental music. If you enjoy detailed soundscapes, this is a great time.

You can find Chrissie on Twitter as @Chrissie_c, on soundcloud and read her blog at  chrissieviolin.info.