Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Berlin School influence permeates Intoxication by Elektronische Existenz, as with most of his work. Simple, almost geometric sequences chug along, growing in complexity like an evolving organism.

The theme and concept of the album is discussed at length at Absurd Wurld, the artist's blog. The ideas are focusing on Nietzsche's ideas on intoxication, and the creative energy that is derived from it. You can find the blog post here: Absurd Wurld: Intoxication.

Analog sound pervades as usual. Pristine electronic tones pulse out a steady rhythm relentlessly marching on, evolving and growing. A simple pattern that becomes so much more by the end. There's plenty of simple analog synth and vintage drum machine tones, well recorded and sitting pretty in the mix.

You can find Elektronische Existenz on twitter as @Absurd13t and check out the Absurd Wurld Blog.