Sunday, May 10, 2015


Cinematic and pristine, Strangers by MicrotuneX is a nice addition to my library. It turns the two previous albums released by this mysterious composer, Amygdala and Thesis, into a trilogy of three epic songs for 2015.

Rich saw waves greet you, and the build is slow and steady. Cycling through the stages, Strangers evolves as it progresses. The tones flow and change. The artist has a good ear for sound design, and LFO is used imaginatively, creating some really fat sounds. Like the predecessor albums, these tunes would make an epic backing to a science fiction film.

It seems that the artist also has a new project, PTN Mode, that is a more acid/trance sort of thing. We'll have to check that out.

You can find MicrotuneX on Twitter as @MicrotuneX and on Soundcloud.