Sunday, April 5, 2015

Slow Motion

This latest effort from Meter Bridge is exactly what the doctor ordered. That is, when he ordered analog synth and clean vocal harmonies. Simple percussion  punctuates the understated mix, with some interesting choices of depth in the reverb. Lots of stuff gong on in these tunes from this electronic duo.

A reprise of Kite, from the first album, is clean and crisp, the new engineering and arrangement zeitgeist of Slow Motion informing it. Upon listening to the album for the second time it occurs to me that the lyrics could weave another web of intrigue as did the first album, with some love songs thrown in for the Hollywood factor. Bliss is a fun analog star system for the vocals to play in, filter sweeps abound. The pulsing of Filter sets the tone for the clean analog sound of this album. Responding with a Kiss only seems to get deeper as you listen, something I really enjoyed.

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You can preorder Slow Motion now, shipping date is to be next week.