Sunday, March 15, 2015

Urban Fairy Tales

Interesting play with samples and synths haunt this instrumental album from Nystada. Urban Fairy Tales is adventurous and experimental, subtle and subtly disturbing. There's something going on in the margins of these songs, something in the corner of your eyes that you can't quite focus on. Like an urban legend, these cinematic pieces recall the things we don't know, and codify it for our limited perceptions. They evolve in subtle ways , whispering along to our subconscious.

Musically these pieces are technically interesting as well, utilizing contemporary engineering techniques and lots of ear candy from Ableton Live. The compositions inspire ideas and create sonic spaces that are sometimes soothing, sometimes a little menacing.

What is that respiration  in Breath? Who is living though the thunderstorm in Gewitterregen? These little vignettes inspire mini-movies, a twilight zone to imagine. Lots of fun. Again, Mobius Spin continues to produce an interesting experimental piece in this Nystada album.

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