Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oscillator Theory

Rainer Straschill is a prolific musician and composer that I've been following for the better part of a decade. I always find his music interesting and decidedly different. His latest effort Oscillator Theory is no exception. Put out for the first time on another label, Mobius Spin, this album is a meticulous exploration of musical symmetry and a cohesive concept.

The album consists of three tracks and is entirely electronic in composition. Schumann Resonance begins it, with a journey into Dark Ambience, with clean drones and lots of ear candy for headphone fun. It has a nice long length, sustaining the darkness through almost fifteen minutes.  The second track, IMPATT NDR is a glitchcore short, stuttering through three minutes of often surprising glitchy music, and is a lot of fun. It finishes with Wien Bridge, a techno epic almost thirteen minutes in length, which bleeps and bloops along happily, subtly evolving as it goes.

I had fun listening to this effort, and it goes well alongside the other two reviews of Rainer's work on this blog, Vershluckbare Kleinteille and Eclectic Blah.

Find Rainer Straschill on Twitter as @moinlabs, on Soundcloud, and on his website Find more Mobius Spin on Twitter and  Bandcamp.