Sunday, February 15, 2015


The much anticipated new album from Isotherme does not fail to impress, this morning I'm reviewing Nail, which I've been listening to all week. Once again, as in the precursor EP, Angels in Black and White, the music produced uses all the toys of modern music production well, while venturing into new musical territory.

Lush and big, the sound design is unique, varied from pristine simplicity to complex polyrhythmic compositions. Sound is celebrated here, and is used playfully in interesting ways. There's layers to explore for the intrepid audionaught, and influences of jazz play with contemporary trap based music. The experiment is a success.

It's really no wonder that Isotherme's music has a growing popularity. I'm never sure what to expect, but my ears find pleasure in his sensibilities.

Certainly worth the download. You can find Isotherme on twitter as @Isotherme, and on soundcloud.