Sunday, February 1, 2015


I found Mechanisms by Chrissie Caulfield to be a great sonic adventure. When I sit down to listen to her work, I never quite know what to expect. Surprising in depth, often educating, these are meaty and cutting edge pieces that push the boundaries of what can be done with modern recording and engineering techniques.

For the audiophile in me there's plenty of new sounds, often put together in novel ways. The recordings are beautiful, and though some of the sounds are dissonant, the intent is perfect, and the thought that goes into their creation is clear. Adventurous, imaginative, and playful, Chrissie brings her tremendous talent and experience into each piece, realizing new sonic visions unlike anything heard before.

Often cinematic realms are revealed, and I could easily see these pieces used effectively in several different incidental settings. Sometimes a set of strings will come forward, or a synth growl, that just begs to be used in a space epic, or war story. Emotions exude from awe to dread, even to silliness. The palette is large, as is the canvas.

With the download, you also get a very nice PDF to accompany the album, which outlines intent and techniques for each individual piece, and sets the mood for the album. I'd say you should try this adventure right now.

Find Chrissie on twitter as @Chrissie_c and on Soundcloud as well.