Sunday, February 8, 2015

Four Corners

I was privileged to have a listen to the latest EP from Hilliat Fields this week, Four Corners,  a compass point themed collection of soundscapes.

I'm always pleased when listening to his work. Hilliat Fields manages to find very anodyne combinations of tones, and when dissonance is used, it is effective and sits well in the mix. I found no dissonance on this EP, however, and the mesh of sound is crystalline and pure. Piano tones and strings play amidst glassy synth tones. The result is quite listenable, and would be an excellent cinematic score as well.

Often I'm hopeful that one of his beautiful vocals will appear on the works I'm able to review, but again this was not the case as when I reviewed Black Dog Blue last year. I've been thinking of doing a past work or to review a retrospective to include his brilliant pop work. There is much already released, and the artist is prolific. I am happy to review these soundscapes, as I return to them often, and they provide a gentle backdrop to a quiet Sunday Morning.

Find Hilliat Fields on Twitter as @hilliatfields on Soundcloud,  and on his website