Sunday, February 22, 2015


Like a voyage across the Sea of Storms, Amygdala by MicrotuneX begins with a stately progress. The simple two part structure is elegant, an arpeggiator pulses in interesting harmonic variation, while a saw wave lead soars overhead. The trip is relaxing, yet engaging at times. Unlike previous efforts by this artist, such as 2014's Selene and Point of No Return, the album consists of a single track, almost 38 minutes of music, which evolves in a continuous stately fashion.

Produced as simply as the structure of the music, MicrotuneX offers simple  and pristine sound design. Low Pass filter sweeps and lots of tonal work are a delight of subtractive synthesis, recalling the best of the Berlin school, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Plenty of variation is performed throughout, and the evolution of tone is a very sweet progression.

I found myself listening to this often since I downloaded it. It's a wonderful soundtrack to computing, and helps me focus in the way that Mozart or Beethoven might. Not ambient, but occasionally pulling my mind to attention, so that I can get back to the task at hand with renewed vision. This is excellent math music.

You can find MicrotuneX on Twitter as @MicrotuneX and on Soundcloud