Sunday, January 4, 2015


When listening to  Shikantaza by Herr Absurd, sit comfortably, and be open to whatever comes. Although the name of this double length album is Japanese, the music in it is decidedly German influenced. Cited by the artist in the notes, the kosmische musik (more commonly referred to as "krautrock") inspired, it recalls experimental music, is decidedly electronic in origin, and has a few surprises tucked in here and there.

Unusual for Herr Absurd is the rare collaboration with other musicians. Valerie Polichar provided haunting vocals on several tracks, and Luke Clarke provided ethereal guitars. Both contribute positively to the tracks they are featured on, and provide an interesting character amid Herr Absurd's evolving  cinematic meditations. Sonic adventurism abounds.

You can find Valerie Polichar on Twitter as @Hugeshark, and her website. You can find Luke Clarke on Twitter as @fantasticbeard and his bandcamp page.