Sunday, January 25, 2015

Angels in Black and White

Sonic images fly by the window as the limo pulls through the graveyard, spirits drifting past the corners of your eye. The music of Angels in Black and White by Isotherme evokes a cinematic experience, and the artist's description of "Ghost Ambient" is quite apt.

In sharp contrast to last week's analog romp Back to the Past by oddcommon, this album is thoroughly grounded in the 21st century. Glitchy sound collages meld in sync to synthetic drum tones and minor key drones. Never a thumping pulse, the percussion is reserved and works in the ambient setting. I found this experimentation greatly enjoyable, and sat to listen without doing much of anything else, rapt with attention.

Isotherme is always eclectic and interesting, since discovering Jeff's work last year, I've enjoyed seeing it as it comes out. This EP is a prelude to a larger work, Nail, which is due to be released on February 10th, and I look forward to reviewing as well.

Find Isotherme on twitter as @Isotherme, and on soundcloud.