Sunday, December 28, 2014

Reviews of 2014

I've had the pleasure to be exposed to a lot of esoteric music this year, and was privileged to review it here on the blog.

Here's a quick list of the reviews for your year-end reference.

14-02-14 Eclectic Blah by Eclectic Blah

14-03-09 The Good Fight XE by Mr Bitterness and the Guilty Pleasures

14-03-23 Static Metal by The Geeky Disco Experiment

14-04-06 Things and Horologium by Chrissie Caulfield and Stuart Russell (Double Review)

14-04-20 TWO by Brash Flair

14-05-04 Ephemeral (Frameworks) by Fellfoxen

14-05-21 Rothko Room by Stuart Russell

14-05-25 Leading Edges by Helicopter Quartet

14-05-31 Black Dog Blue by Hilliat Fields

14-08-06 Meter Bridge by Meter Bridge

14-08-17 Berlinerisch by The Geeky Disco Experiment

14-11-02 Wires String Circles and Angels by Peter Cline

14-12-14 Random Machines by Herr Absurd

I look forward to reviewing more from these and other artists in the coming months. Happy New Year!

With special thanks to Linda Palmer for providing her original artwork for the blog.