Sunday, December 14, 2014

Random Machines

The perception of music lies in the listener's mind, not necessarily the creator's mind. This is evident in the random series of albums recently created by Herr Absurd. As one can find music in Nature and in random traffic patterns, the album Random Machines can be heard as music, but is a collection of randomly generated sound.

Using spoken word taken from this blog, specifically last week's Some Definitions, Herr Absurd recorded it using various strategies to make decisions regarding just about everything for it's creation. He set up each song as a machine. In his own words "a device made to do a certain job and perform various repetitive tasks repetitively. And well. It is not asked to think, theorize or conceive. Merely to do what it does. What it was made to do. What it was commanded to do. So feel free to give these machines characters. The characters of machines."

Prolific as Hell, he continued to turn out random albums all week, following this effort with Indeterminacy Engine, Chaos Computer, and Entropy Device.

These are fun little devices to listen to. Varied with some depth, they are sometimes surprising, sometimes familiar. Surely the art here is in the strategies and design of these machines.

Find Herr Absurd on Twitter, @Absurd13t and on Bandcamp