Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wires, String, Circles and Angels

Compelling and novel sound design fills wires, string, circles and angels, the new instrumental electronic album by Peter Cline.  Each piece is unique, each an exploration into untested territory. A forest of synthetic sound has been produced, with the occasional digital reproduction of acoustic instruments complimenting the anodyne sounds.  I, myself, try to find that balance between the anodyne and the dissonant. Peter achieves this.

As with many things I listen to, this album is not ambient, merely instrumental. Attention is paid to the compositions, which are intended to be listened to, not to float in  the background. That's not to say there is no subtlety in the pieces. As with Peter's musical alter ego candytrash, the rhythmic pieces such as Datacrime and Chinese Red venture into the dance realm, but in a different way than electropop.

When you listen, listen actively. There's a lot going on in these pieces. I can see that some of the groundbreaking combinations will be the stuff of future genres, as it's far ahead of the curve. We have nothing to adequately pigeonhole it today. And I like that.

You can follow Peter on Soundcloud and Twitter, and don't miss candytrash as well.