Saturday, August 16, 2014

Meter Bridge

The serene snow owls on the cover of the debut EP from Canadian artists Meter Bridge might be misleading. They seem to be cute little things in a bank of clean snow, but perhaps they were put there to watch. Perhaps the owls were meeting for to exchange information in the remote wilderness. What do they watch right off of the screen there? Are they surveying for national security, or is it something a bit different?

From the first cut of Secret we here the chorus of whispers of those out in the dark, a strangled shout of a world full of deception.  The cloak and dagger continues in Glimpse, a pulsing synth bed provides the background for a hushed meeting in clandestine secrecy, with promises of information. Kite is sent up as a distress signal, while that Marvelous Proposition just might pay off. Guidance asks for advice, while  the love theme of our spy flick is Missing You, a song of absence. And those Tiny Lights, just what are they? The themes remind me of Eno in a good way.

I enjoyed the arrangements of voice, electronica, and guitar. The analog feel is definitely there, and the title earns it's electronic dance music moniker. Retro and future meet, in hushed tones, to dance in a quite place. I found it spare in just the right way.

You can pre-order it on bandcamp right now. Release date is September 2nd, 2014. Find out more about Meter Bridge on their website: