Sunday, August 17, 2014


The pulse of subtly distorted synth greets you upon your arrival to Lietzensee, a tantalizing glimpse of the journey that  is about to begin. This electronic tour of Berlin, The Geeky Disco Experiment's latest effort Berlinerisch.

The pace is set and driving for the rest of the album after the clicking and rocking trance of the opening cut, which reminds of a long road trip at night, all blurred lights piercing the night.

This effort is a little different than  prior efforts, as the artist continues to evolve. These songs drift into electropop territory. Many times listening to the album I nearly expected a vocal to pop up, something dark in German, I'd imagine. The trance is maintained carefully,

Head bopping along through the album, each piece finds a groove, pursuing it to conclusion. The variation of the elements of each song keep it interesting. Crunchy drum samples, infectious bass lines, ethereal keys floating over, all combined to good effect. The artist is seasoned and solid.

Grab it at Bandcamp.