Sunday, June 22, 2014

EFC's Summer Music Challenge

The Electric Future Collective have come up with another music challenge . In the past the challenges have been varied, from technical challenges of using a set of samples to simple themes to write to. This challenge is again a theme based challenge, submitted by my co-collaborator @3dtoros. It's a simple theme of summer, rather welcome to me on this second day of the season.

The process is open in this challenge, allowing artists freedom to compose as they like to the theme at hand. The collected pieces of this challenge will be released on Bandcamp on the Mobiusspin label. Tracks can be up to ten minutes in length, and downloadable in lossless quality from SoundCloud.

You can find complete rules on the Music Challenge page at SoundCloud. Check back as the dates may change as needed. Come join us!

UPDATE: The dates on this challenge have been extended for two weeks. The deadline is now July 7, 2014. Hope you can participate!

Here's Luke Clarke's contribution to whet your whistle: