Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ephemeral (Frameworks)

Fellfoxen is a composer from the United Kingdom who produces cinematic atmospheric pieces, often imbued with drama. The pieces are usually very short, ideas put into focus and distilled to a concise vision.

This effort is no different in that respect. Ephemeral is a collection of short cinematic themes, all leading into one another in a cohesive whole.

This EP is very short, under ten minutes in length. Certainly the concept could be taken out to a full album length. But the songs are quite beautiful, and the clarity of Fellfoxen's vision is strong. Certainly released as a "name your price" EP, one has no call to complain of the length. I found the idea rather refreshing, and listening was like a journey as one piece leads very neatly into the next. The songs could be put together as a single cohesive whole.

The instrumentation is clean and clear, and I found it sylvan in nature. Natural sounds of wind  and birds are added to the mixes, reinforcing the cinematic quality of the music. Another thing I found refreshing is the tendency to only use a beat where it fit. So many try to spruce up their ambient works with needless beats, which detract from the intention of the rest of the music, and diminish it. Fellfoxen has none of that on this EP, and I enjoyed it greatly.

A good short listen.

You can find Fellfoxen on Twitter as @firstfoxen , on SoundCloud, on Tumblr and, of course on BandCamp.