Saturday, May 31, 2014

Black Dog Blue

A true expression of the ambient genre, Hilliat Fields's EP Black Dog Blue will be released tomorrow.

I found the compositions to be steady, painting notes in a field of piano feedback. The effect is much like an organ, as the chords play out in simple pulses. Some of the compositions recall Hilliat Fields earlier work, the more extensive album Aphelion, which explored guitar tones in much the same manner.

The album has a slightly dark edge to it's chord choices, which are not quite anodyne, and lead me to  contemplative thought. A good background to writing. The pieces are simply numbered rather than named, lending the pieces the anonymity that seems to pervade the album.

These pieces are unlike much of Hilliat Fields's work, which is more of a dark pop in nature, haunting beautiful vocals. For more structured pieces, my favorite remains 2011's Heavy Metal.

You can find it on i-tunes tomorrow.  Follow @hilliatfields on twitter, and also find a wealth of other music on the website