Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vershluckbare Kleinteile (#secretalbum no. 1)

Created by Rainer Straschill

Described as the first in the #secretalbum series, this outing by creator Rainer Straschill, Verschluckbare Kleinteile is aimed at audiophiles, with much ear candy in the offing to satisfy those looking for sounds previously unheard. I was privileged enough to receive advance releases of both the regular and full-album audiophile release, which includes all  the tunes in a single lossless 14:38 wav file.

A staggering array of international musicians were enlisted for the project, gathered via #secretalbum hashtag campaigning on the part of Straschill. Some of the names I note immediately, such as Neil Alexander, Chrissie Caulfield, and Alun Vaughan, but it was nice to see some people I hadn't heard at all as well, or at least didn't know I was hearing.

The album is a great little spin. It includes a dazzling array of instruments, from trombone to theramin. The songs are all under two minutes long, pristine and precise, and include many surprises. Headphones are a good thing. There are many moods, and many of them are finding their way on to widely various playlists.

On my Becalmed playlist  Promenade, Verschluckbare Kleinteile, and Halbwegs Leer join a nice sea of ambience for the office. On the Progressive Instr list I've placed Aqua Negra and To Your Dunkles.

Wehgetan has it's own playlist, which has some dance music in the same vein, and Sid's Impeccable Design is played adjacent to the League of Gentlemen quite nicely.

In addition, Chrissie Caulfield on lead fridge on the chilling Bottom Freezer will cool your ambitions. It's  a performance unmatched, and this will truly be the standard performance for the instrument upon which all other performances will be measured.

Great fun was had all around, and the addition of such eclectic material is welcome on this hard-drive. I'm looking forward to the next addition to the #secretalbum series.