Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weather Resonance Loops

White sound sprays, pulsing in a rhythmic meditation, Trium Circulorum's Weather Resonance Loops is true ambience. This is music that is as easy to forget in the background as it is to focus on.

Unlike some things that I've heard that attempt rhythms in an ambient setting, the percussion is nested far into the mix, becoming part of the wash. It fits. The artist is able to pull these elements together into a cohesive soundscape.

The experiment had begun as field recordings of a thunderstorm. Then a fun time was had into an old tape deck, then back into the DAW, adding samples from modular synth--just the type of fun I love to hear. Put it on and let it wash through your house.

You can find Trium Cirulorum on Twitter as @TriumCirculorum. Check his other release featured here Seven Seals (and one Spell).

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Percussion and synths sum up the work of Toaster, often with random elements thrown in. Interesting sound design fills the new album Women.

Toaster describes his work as "a band made up of one person who programs things." Ambiguity aside, the music produced is engaging. Cinematic tension fills the work, and would be excellent music for incidental uses. The moods are varied, and some pieces are near ambient. All are fun soundscapes.

The sound is simple and clean. The programmed things all sit well in the mix, and I found lots of variation to keep me interested. 

You can find Toaster on Twitter as @toddbert and on Soundcloud.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Snake Robot has created a prolific and varied collection of interesting sound with the SoundFireSilence series. Full of imagination and playfulness, encompassing many moods, these pieces are great examples of how a soundscape does not have to be ambient. 

The electronic sound is simple and clean. Nicely balanced mixes provide a snapshot of novel sounds and instrumentation. The songs often seem driven and intense, and could provide excellent tension for cinematic uses, surely. Both volumes are filled with different worlds. Go visit some of them.

You can find Snake Robot on Twitter as @WayPastSurreal and on Soundcloud.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Almost Over

The past and the present mingle in Huge Shark's almost over. There's a Eurodisco quality to the pieces, dense rhythmic percussion melds with pulsing synth. The interjection of piano and birdlike voice recall giants. 

Composer Valerie Polichar, our Huge Shark, has created a timeless collection here. It's epic scale electronica. These are big dramatic pieces, echoing her poignant lyrics. Emotional explorations, very nicely put, and personal. Her quirky mix of elements is worth hearing. 

The sound is beautiful, and well engineered. Elements are all placed perfectly in the mix, and are clear and clean.

You can find Valerie on twitter as (of course) @hugeshark and on Soundcloud as well.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reviews of 2015

It's been a great year, only slightly marred by technical difficulties. We've heard some new music from some really great people this year. I'd like to thank all of the artists who were featured for making the music, and then allowing it to be posted here.

And thank you to our burgeoning reader base as well! This has been a banner year, and your sharing and retweeting on Twitter have increased our readership tenfold. I can't adequately express my gratitude.

So here it is, the final index of 2015, our Reviews of 2015 list:

15/01/04 Shikantaza by Herr Absurd

15/01/18 Back to the Past by Odd Common

15/01/25 Angels in Black and White by Isotherme

15/02/01 Mechanisms by Chrissie Caulfield

15/02/08 Four Corners by Hilliat Fields

15/02/15 Nail by Isotherme

15/02/22 Amygdala by MicrotuneX

15/03/01 Oscillator Theory by Rainer Straschill

15/03/08 Inveniam Viam #RPM 2015 by Stuart Russell

15/03/15 Urban Fairy Tales by Nystada

15/03/22 Infamy #RPM2015 by Chrissie Caulfield

15/03/29 Robot by Elektronische Existenz

15/04/05 Slow Motion by Meter Bridge

15/04/12 Thesis by MicrotuneX

15/04/19 Middle Distance by Bare Island

15/04/26 7-5-7 by Roofhare

15/05/03 Strangers by MicrotuneX

15/09/22 Intoxication by Elektronische Existenz

15/09/29 Places & Traces by Chrissie Caulfield

15/10/06 Die Stadt Unter der Stadt by Kanal Drei

15/10/13 Destroyed by Business by Wet Dentist

15/10/20 Train à Grande Vitesse by Stuart Russell

15/10/27 Glimmer & Glow by Hilliat Fields

15/11/10 Available Light by Iceman Bob

15/11/17 Glyphs by Avvenir

15/11/24 Seven Seals (And One Spell) by Trium Circulorum

15/11/24 Progressive Thanksgiving by Various

15/12/01 The Strange New World Is Now by Red Clouds

15/12/08 Utopia by Ian Haygreen

15/12/14 No Room? 2015 by Various

15/12/15 Breath by Liquid in Plastic

1512/22  Sarahdipity by Roofhare

15/12/22 The Kees Files by Sarah Schonert

For last year's list, see: Reviews of 2014

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Kees Files

I was happy to hear about he collaboration between sonic artists Sarah Schonert and Kees de Groot. The collaboration became a pair of EP's, concurrently released. The Kees Files is Sarah Schonert's contribution, while Sarahdipity is Kees de Groot's.

Playful compositions with novel effects and literate lyrical content await you. A wonderful shimmering pervades, and the instruments resonate through atmospheric layers. Sarah always reminds me of relaxing daydreams, and the tonal and timbral qualities of the instrument set chosen reinforce this.

The sound is clean and and the mix is well balanced. The interesting vocal treatments stay with me. I'm sure I'll be returning to this collection. 

You can find Sarah on Twitter as @SarahSchonert and on Soundcloud


I was happy to hear about he collaboration between sonic artists Roofhare (Kees de Groot) and Sarah Schonert. The collaboration became a pair of concurrently released EP's; Sarahdipity is Roofhare's contribution, while The Kees Files is Sarah Schonert's.

As outlined in the detailed and extensive liner notes, the two created sound sets for each other, and this is the result.

It's a fine result on both albums. Roofhare creates a mystery and and a slight tension, but we delve ever further into the dream.

The trading of ideas goes a bit beyond mere electronics as well, as these two artists are already eclectic to begin with. The sound environment is detailed and interesting. Very big sounds are used, and they create big worlds. This is a lot of fun.

You can find Roofhare on Twitter as @Groovehare and on Soundcloud.