Sunday, April 19, 2015

Middle Distance

Crisp production awaits you in Bare Island's Middle Distance EP. Big rhythmic environments are created, the sounds are precise and interesting. The mood is downtempo, occasionally venturing into the infectious.

Often the pieces open with a soundscape intro, and these intros are intriguing themselves, lots of interesting samples and drones. The sounds are contemporary, grainy bit rot, manipulated samples. A thick analog feel strings through the pieces as well. These are solid instrumental jams, and are excellent for unwinding.

You can find Bare Island on Twitter as @Bare_Island  and on their website at

Sunday, April 12, 2015


The evolving landscape of Thesis by MicrotuneX washes over you, matching the filter sweeps of the analog synths. Evocative of Tangerine Dream, this epic single-track album has lots of cinematic scenes, and much ear candy. Landscapes of arid rock and danger await.

Another simply produced album, which I enjoyed greatly. Arpeggios scintillate over drones and pristine leads tie it together. The engineering is crisp, the mix well thought out. The artist is prolific, and has developed a consistent approach to production.

I look forward to the next album. My collection of spacey synthy stuff grows.

You can find MicrotuneX on Twitter as @MicrotuneX and on Soundcloud.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Slow Motion

This latest effort from Meter Bridge is exactly what the doctor ordered. That is, when he ordered analog synth and clean vocal harmonies. Simple percussion  punctuates the understated mix, with some interesting choices of depth in the reverb. Lots of stuff gong on in these tunes from this electronic duo.

A reprise of Kite, from the first album, is clean and crisp, the new engineering and arrangement zeitgeist of Slow Motion informing it. Upon listening to the album for the second time it occurs to me that the lyrics could weave another web of intrigue as did the first album, with some love songs thrown in for the Hollywood factor. Bliss is a fun analog star system for the vocals to play in, filter sweeps abound. The pulsing of Filter sets the tone for the clean analog sound of this album. Responding with a Kiss only seems to get deeper as you listen, something I really enjoyed.

Follow Meter Bridge on Twitter at @Meter_Bridge and @MeterBridge357, and on Soundcloud.

You can preorder Slow Motion now, shipping date is to be next week. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Berlin School style pervades Elektronische Existenz's Robot, as evidenced by the first cut, Robotics. It plods along, building inevitably, looming up in the end before falling asleep. Unlike more recent works, a return to using percussion is evident, and mixes nicely with the analog synth work.

The cuts are very long, and are over 100 minutes in length in total. These are fun, evolving, synth instrumentals, and evoke cinematic imagery, a science fiction one of alien mechanical intelligence. The engineering is simple and tight.

You can find Elektronische Existenz at Bandcamp and Twitter.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Infamy #RPM2015

Composer Chrissie Caulfield's RPM 2014 Challenge  Things was a musique concrète  venture into new sonic realms full of unexpected sonic manipulation.  This year's  entry, Imfamy is as adventurous.

A surprising melding of analog synth and strings, providing a mix of novel tones throughout it. There's a lot of range in this music, over 30 minutes in length, cinematic and interesting. Certain moments are again created that evoke new vistas. It's a fun and dynamic sonic palette.

You can find her on Twitter at @Chrissie_c  and She's also on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Urban Fairy Tales

Interesting play with samples and synths haunt this instrumental album from Nystada. Urban Fairy Tales is adventurous and experimental, subtle and subtly disturbing. There's something going on in the margins of these songs, something in the corner of your eyes that you can't quite focus on. Like an urban legend, these cinematic pieces recall the things we don't know, and codify it for our limited perceptions. They evolve in subtle ways , whispering along to our subconscious.

Musically these pieces are technically interesting as well, utilizing contemporary engineering techniques and lots of ear candy from Ableton Live. The compositions inspire ideas and create sonic spaces that are sometimes soothing, sometimes a little menacing.

What is that respiration  in Breath? Who is living though the thunderstorm in Gewitterregen? These little vignettes inspire mini-movies, a twilight zone to imagine. Lots of fun. Again, Mobius Spin continues to produce an interesting experimental piece in this Nystada album.

You can find Nystada on Twitter as @nystada and check their website Find more Mobius Spin on Twitter and

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Invenium Viam #RPM2015

Contemporary electroacoustic composer Stuart Russell's Invenium Viam RPM 2015 Challenge work is an epic 72 minutes of music, for your listening pleasure. An isolation pervades these lonely landscapes. The compositions end satisfyingly, and are inventive, often possessing a cinematic quality.

Surprising moments are found in Amundsen  / Ellsworth 25 and Andrée 97 / Nobile 28, where some of the tones become almost sirenlike, reverberating across the ice as the airships go majestically down. The album is filled with fun tones. Growling square and saw tones create repressive and claustrophobic moods.

You can follow Stuart Russell on Twitter at  @stuartr_comp  and check out his page Stuart Russell Composer. You can also find his blog at